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Who is GPW Welder

Today, with the increasing use of GPW (Gas pressure welding) technology in civil engineering projects and the benefits of this process as a safe, fast and cost-effective method to connect the rebars used in concrete structures is a problem as The method of quality control and inspection of rebar forging is established.

It is not bad to mention at the beginning who Who is GPW Welder is?

Any trained person who has attended the theoretical and practical courses of GPW training in a formal GPW school and the topics of GPW safety, work theory and materials related to the process and principles of GPW, control and quality of head welding and practical implementation learned in horizontal and vertical positions, after a practical and written test, can receive the rebar welding form test by forging method, which is the same certificate or GPW skill card.

It should be noted that the welded specimens are tested and forged by the GPW welding operator. Necessary tests to confirm the qualification of forged rebar welds are 90 degree bending test or tensile test. If sent to the forge welding laboratory, a sample of non-welded rebar must be sent to the laboratory as a control sample and the result of the control sample. Match with welded specimens.


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