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Holding a course on welding forging and forging safety for Tehran building engineering system
  In coordination with the unit of organizations and associations in the Tehran Building Engineering System Organization and in order to acquaint the members and engineers of this organization with the important and vital issue of forging work safety in construction projects underway in Tehran, theoretical and practical workshop It was held on July 2, 1401 in Mohammadshahr, Karaj. In this workshop, which was held in cooperation with the Technical and Vocational School of Welding, the basic materials about the history and knowledge of the rebar head forging welding process were presented and taught to the participants in this course by Engineer Amir Ghasemi, President of the Association.  
Speech by the President of the Tehran Forge Welders Association at the Earthquake Conference
  Following the coordination and invitation, the president of the association to participate in the earthquake conference on 31 June 1401 to speak about the importance of using rebar forging welding in buildings to participate in this conference and to introduce the association and its achievements and goals. the payment.    
Symposium of rebar forging activists
In the consensus meeting dated 30/5/22  with the presence of Mr. Amir Ghasemi, Mohammad Reza Mousavinia, Ali Hor, Ali Famil Baqer, Javadi, Darkhal, Nikkhah and Nabiei regarding the review of methods that can be done in the association regarding the method of determining prices Implementation and standardization of the rebar forging service price list, meeting was held in the association's office, in which suggestions regarding the standardization and advertisements of rebar forging partners, as well as agreement with the engineering system regarding holding mandatory courses on rebar forging work safety and cooperation with the system. Engineering regarding the quality control of the work of the members of the association was presented by the participants.  
Introduction and more familiarity with rebar forging welding technology
In a meeting on May 11, 2022 with the presence of representatives of THMP Organization, Standard Organization, Governor's Office, Road and Urban Development Department, General Silence Office, General Office of the Housing Foundation, Provincial Engineering Organization, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, a meeting on introduction with rebar forging technology was held, which in this meeting, while giving a general description of the process and technical points in this regard, the questions of the participants in this field were answered.  
Meeting of the Tehran Guilds Association
The meeting of the Tehran Guilds Association was held on 12/3/22 at 10:00 AM at the Tehran Guilds Association with the presence of the honorable heads of the guilds and associations. In this meeting, the problems and issues related to workers in different trades were discussed and solutions and opinions were expressed in this regard.
Meeting with the Welding and Concrete Control Unit of the Constructing Engineering Organization
In order to achieve the goals of the association and in order to coordinate with the Constructing Engineering Organization in the meeting dated February 20, 2014 regarding cooperation and work policies betweenIran GPW Welders Association, a preliminary meeting with Eng. Mr. Hagh seyrat in welding and concrete control unit of the Constructing Engineering Organization was held.
Attendance of the association in the meeting of the Constructing Engineering Organization
On Saturday, March 28, 2009, Iran GPW Welders Association articipated in a virtual meeting of the Engineering Associations and the Tehran Constructing Engineering Organization.  
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