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Safety points of GPW

With the increasing GPW (Gas pressure welding) in various civilian training and construction projects, accurate and principled competence by the agencies related to basic training on how to work and safety and improving the knowledge of technicians and construction operators in this industry is essential. Which provides some of this information for public use.

It is necessary to observe the following when performing GPW:

  1. Full or empty cylinders must be upright and placed on a flat and stable place.
  2. Oxygen capsules should be kept at least 3 meters away from acetylene capsules.
  3. Preferably place acetylene and oxygen capsules in different sides of wall.
  4. Smoking is not allowed near the storage area of ​​the capsules or in the presence of flammable objects or electric heaters.
  5. Transportation and movement of capsules must be done with safety equipment and rubber wheels.
  6. Make sure that the body of the capsules, valves and throttles are healthy and avoid tampering with them.
  7. Do not use worn and defective capsules.
  8. Never leave the capsule valve open and use a special wrench to open and close the capsules.
  9. Always close the capsules completely when resting or closing the workshop.
  10. Make sure the hands and tools attached to the capsules are clean and free of grease and fuels such as oil, gasoline and diesel.
  11. Be careful that the electric cables are not near the capsule.
  12. Electric and electrode welding is prohibited near the forging site.
  13. Use a suitable and standard safety flashback or one-way valve.
  14. Do not use non-standard and rotten hoses.
  15. Be sure to have cotton clothes and gloves and linen.
  16. In the event of a possible fire in the gas hose, first disconnect the connections and then close the gas capsules.
  17. Always carry a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit with you.


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