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Board of directors

Pursuant of Note 1 of Article 131 of the Labour Law and By-Laws approved in November 2010, the esteemed Council of Ministers and other documents submitted and the above-mentioned association have been registered in this General Office under No. 1-921/7-3. The names of the main and alternate members of the Board of Directors and their inspectors, who have been elected in the founding assembly dated 3/12/2021, are valid from the mentioned date. The position of the members of the Board of Directors, who have been appointed according to the minutes dated 10/12/2021, is as follows:

  1. Mr. Amir Ghasemi - Chairman of the Board.
  2. Mr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi Nia - Vice President.
  3. Mr. Amir Saedi Darian – Treasurer.
  4. Ms. Maryam Afshar Majd – Secretary
  5. Mr. Ali Famil Baqer - Substitute member.
  6. Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Hoveyda – Substitute member.
  7. Mr. Hussein Ali Haq Seyrat - Chief Inspector.
  8. Mr. Ali Hor- Substitute inspector.
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