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In order to achieve the goals of the association and provide services to the members of the association, on 19/12/2021, the board of directors of  Iran GPW Welders Associationthe formation of the required committees with the presence of gentlemen ; Amir Saedi Darian, Amir Ghasemi, Mohammad Reza Mousavi Nia, Hussein Haqh Seyrat, Ali Hor, Mohammad Sadegh Hoveyda, Ali Famil Baqer was formed and the need to form the following committees was approved by the members present at the meeting.

  1. Welfare Committee chaired by Mr. Hoveyda.
  2. Supervision and Inspection Committee chaired by Mr. Hor.
  3. Legal Committee chaired by Ms. Afshar.
  4. Research and Development Training Committee chaired by Mr. Hagh seyrat.


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